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One of the most beautiful and cohesive parts of the city is the warehouse neighborhood that was once a reloading station for fragrant goods from all over the world; cocoa, coffee, spices and tobacco. The architecture is characterized by the 1870-80s Wilhelmine style with small towers, bizarre gables in red brick.

Some of the warehouses were built during the war, but much is today beautifully preserved. Today, carpets and computers still enter through the Speicherstadt, but today there are also restaurants, museums and experience centers. If you take a harbor tour, the trip always goes down between the warehouses. But you can also walk and find a number of the district’s attractions – Miniature Wunderland, Speicherstadtmuseum, Hamburg Dungeon.


Am Sandtorkai
20457 Hamburg


Mahnmal St. Nikolai

Mahnmal St. Nikolai The former St. Nicholas Church was destroyed during World War II. The remains of the church stand today as a monument to...

Hafenmuseum Hamburg

Hafenmuseum Hamburg Hamburg's history as an important ports and shipyard city with exciting guided tours through the many exhibitions in an authentic harbor museum. The rapid...

Harrys Hafenbasar

Harrys Hafenbasar Originally a colorful shop that traded in shrimp heads, stuffed crocodiles, Balinese masks and other rarities from the seven oceans, it has today...

Hamburg Dungeon

Hamburg Dungeon If you like horror and horror, then you have come right to the page. The Hamburg Dungeon is the place where you can...

Planten un Blomen

Planten un Blomen It is the Low German expression of plants and flowers and is an impressive landscaped garden built on the old historic ramparts...

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