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Ballinstadt Auswanderermuseum

One of Hamburg’s very interesting museums is the Ballinstadt Emigrant Museum. Here you can revisit life from the time between 1850 and 1934 when more than 5 million people used Hamburg and Ballinstadt as the gateway to their new life in America.

Dormitories, stables, dining rooms, church, synagogue and more than 30 different buildings were there for the many people who set off with the large emigrant ships. In reconstructed pavilions you can experience, very vividly, how the emigrants arrived here, how they waited for their ship to bring them to distant America and a fresh start in life.

The whole thing is well combined with interactive screens, historical documents and beautiful exhibitions. In the multimedia game “Simmigrant” you can try to emigrate and immigrate to America, and of course overcome the many obstacles along the way.


Ballinstadt Auswanderermuseum
Veddeler Bogen 2
20539 Hamburg



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