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Alter Elbtunnel

Built during the imperial period in 1907-11, it is located in the old terminal, in the right part of the old Landungsbrücke-Terminal, built in a particularly solid Art Nouveau style.

Here, the cars are lowered into a tunnel one by one, 23.50 meters down by elevator before they could drive under the harbor, a trip of 448.50 meters. Remarkable facility showing the special combination of craftsmanship and engineering that the Germans have been particularly adept at performing.

When the tunnel opened in September 1911, it was a technical masterpiece. The tunnel connecting the Landungsbrücken with the Steinwerder harbor area is still impressive to this day. And so the very best, it is one of the free experiences in Hamburg that you can experience around the clock. From Steinwerder you have a wonderful view of the jetties and the Hamburg skyline.

Construction of the old Elb tunnel began on July 22, 1907. On September 7, 1911, the tunnel, also called St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel of the inhabitants of Hamburg, the first underwater tunnel in Europe.

Then and now visitors come from all over the world and are fascinated: Twelve hydraulically operated elevators or 132 steps lead you down the 23.5 meter deep tunnel. Then the trip through the tunnel is 448.5 meters long in a tiled “pipe” with a diameter of 5.92 meters.


Alter Elbtunnel
Bei den St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken
20359 Hamburg

U – Landungsbrücken




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