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Alter Elbpark, Landungsbrücken

The stronghold of the alternative scene from the 1980s is the occupied houses in Hafenstrasse 116-126. The graffiti on the façade testifies to the autonomous self-image, as a stronghold for punk boys and girls. Today, the houses belong to a cooperative community that the residents have founded, and which has also renovated loose.

Opposite the Landungsbrücken is the Hotel Hafen Hamburg, which, with its pyramid tower on the top floor, has a bar where the sunsets, accompanied by an early evening drink, enjoy particularly good conditions.

Alter Elbpark and Bismarck

Behind the Landungsbrücken in the smaller Elbpark is the Bismarck Memorial. The old warlord, who also beat the Danes to pluck fish in 1864, looks to the west in the 14.8 meter high statue, built in granite blocks. For it was from there that the enemy would come, everyone was aware when it was revealed in 1906.

The monument is one of the most famous landmarks in Hamburg. The statue of the “Iron Chancellor” is the tallest monument in the city and it is the monument that adorns most postcards.

Otto von Bismarck was the first chancellor of the German Empire. and if you travel around Germany you will encounter about 700 Bismarck memorials.

A massive statue

The statue in Hamburg is the largest of them all, it was created following a competition printed after the chancellor’s death and it took four years to construct the impressive statue. These are impressive numbers to talk about when talking about the Bismarck statue, the impressive statue weighs a total of over 600 tons. The total height is over 34 meters. The head measures 1.83 meters. The sword is a total of 8 meters long.


Helgoländer Allee
20459 Hamburg



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